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Ebony & Amethyst (14k Gold)

Ebony & Amethyst (14k Gold)

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About the Wood

Sustainable and Elegant necklace sourced from reclaimed Ebony trees from west Africa. Combined with a polycut amethyst and 14k gold. 

Necklace Details

For those who love making a statement and enjoy the feeling of earth on their body. 

This necklace will rest perfectly on your neckline, completing any style with a grounded and natural expression.

Adjustable from 8 - 18 inches long.

Finish Type: Glossy

All beads are coated with Rubio Monocoat (plant-based)




About the Design

The arrangement of the beads on this necklace, which lead downward to the anchor-shaped pendant in the center, is a powerful symbol of our innate human desire for stability and security during challenging times. Just as the anchor provides a firm and steady foundation for a ship, so too does our quest for stability provide us with a sense of grounding and strength in the face of adversity. By wearing this necklace, we are reminded of the importance of seeking out and holding onto the things that provide us with a sense of stability and security in our lives, even amidst the most turbulent of waters.

History of the Wood

This combination of African Rosewood and Walnut was gifted from Frank. Frank owns a cabinet-making business in Hollister, CA, and prides himself on his quality selection of wood. He was the first ever person to donate lumber to Found & Found. Frank's spirited enthusiasm to support another BIPOC-owned business encourages you to take risks and believe in your vision.

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