Finding Found

My story

California is my sacred nostalgia, where I found my way in connection with the land of my ancestors. It is where I was taught to make something new out of something old, something found.

The work I share here, with you now, is a symbol of where I found my sacred way.

Found’s Sourcing Practices

Wood & Leather Sources

I find wood walking through fire worn lands, in the fields of Pogonip, from a tree tagged for removal on the sidewalk, or a local business discarding scraps.

I find the pieces that are left unused from the world around, from fellow crafters and artists, giving them a new meaning through my work.

With such an intentional reclamation process, each piece has a story I know intimately, one I am happy to pass along to you.
I keep it local using a family owned business who’s been in the game for decades.

I have my eye on non-animal leather materials, but haven’t found the right feel yet. If you have any suggestions I am happy to try them out.

Finding Fellows

Artists & Collaborators

I’m currently exploring collaborations with other beaders, painters, and carvers to enhance the story and power of these designs. If you or anyone you know might be interested, message me with some photos of your work. I’d love to chat and get something going.


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